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1/6th Plate Confederate Sergeant Ambrotype

1/6th Plate Confederate Sergeant Ambrotype

SKU: IMG-17-0002

     Offered here is a 1/6th plate ambrotype of an unidentified Confederate sergeant. This image surfaced in South Carolina, and is likely a soldier from that state based on the double breasted frock coat the subject is wearing.

     The frock coat's buttons and chevrons have been gilted. The buttons appear to the three piece "muffin" type buttons. This image has very nice clarity and displays quite well despite the missing portions and cracks.

     As the photos show this image was broken into five pieces, three of which remain. There are a couple of pieces of tape on the back of the image that hold the pieces together. There are some light spots, as shown in the second scan of the ambrotype. These are mostly covered when a dark backing is in place, as with picture number 3.

     The image is housed in a gutta-percha case that has some condition issues as well. The two halves are well attached, but the holder side has some separation. This could be repaired well enough with a little glue, but I will leave that to the buyer.


     All in all this is a good example of a Confederate enlistedman in a double breasted frock, which not commonly encountered. This image is priced right, and is a fraction of what you would expect to pay for an image of lesser clarity.

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