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Armed Tennessee Confederate 1/6th Plate Ambrotype

Armed Tennessee Confederate 1/6th Plate Ambrotype

SKU: IMG-18-0007

     This great Confederate infantryman view is a 1/6th plate ruby glass ambrotype. Unfortunately he is unidentified, but this image was just acquired from an estate just North of Nashville, Tennessee. The image is slightly out of focus, but is still plenty clear to make out the important details.

     This infantryman is armed with some kind of short rifle. After examining high resolution scans it appears that his rifle is most likely fitted with a back action lock mounted by a single lock screw. I feel that this rifle is probably a militarized sporting rifle, or perhaps a Confederate copy of the US M1841 rifle (several variations of which were manufactured in Tennessee).

     He is clothed with a lovely single breasted frock coat with two buttons on each cuff. His cap looks to be an oil cloth wheel hat of some nature. Finishing his equipment is a roller belt and a cartridge box with a wide buff leather or linen sling.

     This image has some light solarization around the edges, along with some faint scratching around the subject's face, but is in overall very good condition. It has loads of eye appeal and will enhance any collection of Civil War images.



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