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Confederate 1/9th Plate Tintype

Confederate 1/9th Plate Tintype

SKU: IMG-18-0003

Offered here is a very nice 1/9th plate tintype view of a Confederate Lieutenant. The image is in very good condition with no losses to the emulsion, and has a good level of clarity. The soldier is wearing a single breasted frock coat with black, of possibly dark blue trim. The coat has an unusual arrangement of buttons; in addition to the 7 large buttons down the front, the coat has two additional buttons on the side of each cuff, as well as a button at the point of the cuff facings, and one additional button on each side of the collar. He appears to have trousers of a darker material while his cap matches the frock coat. The kepi has a peaked band that I have seen in some Tennessee images before. There is also a plainly visible letter adornment on his cap that reads "VG". The third view shows the image reversed, so that the letters are oriented properly. With some careful research it may be possible to identify this image based on his company designation.


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