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Double Armed Confederate with Flintlock Brown Bess

Double Armed Confederate with Flintlock Brown Bess

SKU: IMG-19-0001

     The image offered here is a wonderful example of a Confederate soldier armed with an actual "Brown Bess", specifically an India Pattern Brown Bess musket as adopted by the British Military in 1797. Some number of these muskets, in both type 1 and 2 variations, were purchased by the US Government in the early 19th century. Additional numbers were captured from the British during the War of 1812, most notably following the Battle of New Orleans.
     Although the image has no ID, I feel very strongly that this infantryman is a member of Company F, of the 23rd Tennessee Infantry. I am aware of two additional images identified as members of that organization that show soldiers in nearly identical gray frock coats and trousers, white buff accoutrement belts with plain brass plates, and most importantly, India Pattern Muskets.


     This 1/6th plate tintype is in generally good condition, although there are some scratches from an attempted cleaning at some point in the past. Fortunately, the scratches are mostly contained to the background areas of the image, and do not effect the details much. The image is housed in a leatherette case that is in good condition, although it has a broken spine.

     This image would make an excellent addition to the collection of an image collector that enjoys unusual weaponry. Confederate Brown Bess muskets are exceedingly rare on both the weapons and image markets, and this is a great oportunity to add one to your collection.





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