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Three Seated Militia Soldiers

Three Seated Militia Soldiers

SKU: IMG-17-0001

This is a simply stunning image of three soldiers, possibly brothers, posing together for what I believe to be their "off to war" portriat. Unfortunately I have no information as to who these young men are or where the image came from. The image and case are both in excellent condition. The spine of the pressed leather case is still very strong, and the locking clasp functins perfectly.

The image itsself is unmarred, and unbroken, and has an excellent clarity on the subjects, although the edges of the image are somewhat out of focus.

I believe these men to be posing in their pre-War militia uniforms, and that there is a strong possibility that they are Confederate soldiers, perhaps cavalry troopers. Whatever the case may be this is an excellent image and will make a superb addition to your collection.

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