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Ultra Rare Numbered P1858 Naval Rifle Scabbard

Ultra Rare Numbered P1858 Naval Rifle Scabbard

SKU: ACC-18-0001

     In the summer of 1861, Commander James D. Bullock of the Confederate Navy placed an order for 1,000 Pattern 1858 Naval Rifles, complete with cutlass bayonets. The rifles were delivered via the blockade runner Fingal on November 14th (or 17th), 1861 in Savannah, Georgia.

     Based on surviving examples of both bayonets and rifles, it appears that these arms were inventory numbered in the same manner as the brass mounted rifles provided to the Confederate Army under the 2nd Sinclair Hamilton Company Contract; i.e. JS anchor viewers marks behind the rear extension of the triggerguard, and inventory numbers engraved on the tops of the buttplates. The rifles, bayonets, and bayonet scabbards were numbered in sequence from 1 to 1,000. Currently, only about 25 numbered P1858 Naval Rifles and numbered 50 P1859 type II Cutlass Bayonets are known to survive. Although the rifles and their bayonets are both quite rare today, the leather bayonet scabbards are much more scarce, as only 7 are currently known to survive.


     Offered here is a rough, but authentic example of a Confederate numbered Pattern 1859 type II Cutlass Bayonet scabbard. This scabbard has seen hard use, and has had its final replaced at some point with an unsightly brass drag. The scabbard also has a wire reinforcement half way down the scabbard. The rear seam retains its original stitching for about half way down its length. The lower half of the seam has been resewn with what appears to be thin brass wire. The iron throat has been glued in place at one point, but has come loose again. The throat's button is clearly engraved with inventory number 592.


     Although this scabbard is a long way from perfect, these are extremely rare and the majority of collections lack an example. This scabbard could no doubt be improved with some well done restoration work, but for the price, this is an absolute must have for a collector of Confederate imports or edged weapons and would put the finishing touches on a Confederate numbered P1858 Naval Rifle and Bayonet.

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