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Unidentified US Marine Tintype

Unidentified US Marine Tintype

SKU: IMG-18-0008

     Offered here is a nice 1/6th plate view of a US Marine in his Model 1859 Undress uniform. It looks like the outer seam of his trousers have a thin colored welt, which may indicate that he is a musician since he has no chevrons on his coat sleeves.
     I have labeled this image as a 1/6th plate, as those are the closest stock dimensions to the actual measurement of this image. It is actually slightly narrow for a typical 1/6th plate, and measures 2 1/8th by 3 3/8th images. The image is in good condition with the exception of two areas of corrosion; one on his face and the other near his shoulder. His trousers have been tinted light blue. The image is quite clear, and under magnification the Marine Corps insignia on his kepi is easily visible. The image is enclosed in half of a leatherette case that looks like a book.


     Marine images are among some of the most sought after of Union images, and this one has a great look to it. This would be an excellent addition to most any Civil War image collection.


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