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Virginia 2nd Lieutanant 1/6th plate Ambrotype

Virginia 2nd Lieutanant 1/6th plate Ambrotype

SKU: IMG-18-0004

     Offered here is a very nice 1/6th plate ambrotype of a Confederate 2nd Lieutenant. This image is fresh from a Giles County, Virginia estate. The image has a great level of clarity, and under magnification even the buttons on the Lieutenant's coat can be identified as Federal General Staff muffin type buttons.

     There is some swirling to the emulsion just to the right of the soldier's face, but fortunately it is mostly contained on the background of the image. There are a few light spots visible when the image is removed from the case and looked at with no backing as the third photo illustrates. When the image is in its case the issue spots are generally not noticeable.

     Based on the unique tablecloth in the image I believe there is a good possibility that this image was taken at Charles Rees' studio in Richmond. It is, however, not signed. The image is housed in a leatherette case with a broken spine.

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