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Wonderful Double Armed Confederate 1/9th Plate Ambrotype

Wonderful Double Armed Confederate 1/9th Plate Ambrotype

SKU: IMG-20-0001

Offered here is a nice 1/9th plate ambrotype of a double armed Confederate soldier. He is armed with a smoothbore musket, probably a Model 1816/22/28, as well as a smaller Colt revolver, perhaps a Model 1849 and Model 1851. He has a freshly issued set of accoutrements complete with a forked tongue buckle. Completing his uniform are his eight or nine button dark colored frock coat and a black slouch hat.   

I purchased this image from an estate in Texas, though it is quite likely that the soldier may have been from Louisiana based on his belt plate, and their frequent usage by accoutrement makers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. 
The image displays very well, but has quite a bit of flaking on the back that is easily seen when the image is removed from the half leatherette case. The cover glass has been glued to the image plate, and I have made no attempt to separate them.  
Though there are some condition issues, everything appears to be stable at this point, and the image displays very well. Information regarding the estate that this image surfaced in will be provided to the buyer.

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